Agriculture & Livestock

Абрикос и компания

Выращивание, заготовка, упаковка, сортировка, охлаждение, хранение и экспорт свежих фруктов. Мощность: до 50-55 тонн в сутки. Выращивание, заготовка, упаковка, сортировка, хранение и экспорт сухофруктов.

LLC "Afzali Sughd"

Afzali Sughd LLC produces more than 20 kinds of natural dairy products under the brand name "Milk Joy". Afzali Sugd LLC is one of the leading enterprises for the production of dairy products in the Republic of Tajikistan. For several years now, the dairy products of the company, under the brand name "Milk Joy", please their consumers with their taste and quality.

Dairy factory "Saodat"

Dairy factory «Saodat» — one of the largest in the dairy industry in Tajikistan. For more than 11 years, highly qualified specialists of the factory have been supporting the tradition of producing products only of a guaranteed high quality. Making and improving our products, the dairy factory Saodat seeks to be a leader in the hearts of its customers.

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