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ООО "ПО Нассочии Точик"

ООО «Производственное объединение «Нассочии Точик» является одним из крупнейших предприятий легкой промышленности Республики Таджикистан. Имеет полный цикл переработки хлопко-волокна. В его составе действуют три прядильно-ткацких фабрик, одна отделочная фабрика, фабрика по производству бинтов и других медицинских изделий из марли, несколько швейных производств. В месяц перерабатывает 700 тонн хлопкового волокна и выпускает более двух миллионов метров хлопчатобумажных тканей, которые в основном идут на экспорт. Продукция «ПО «Нассочии Точик» реализуется в более чем 20 странах мира.


The “Leader” Textile Company, which is part of the Amid Group of Companies, was founded in 1999, is one of the leading enterprises in the development and production of uniforms for combat sports, recognized by international independent companies. The company owns a developed production base, and has a full production cycle, starting from the manufacture of fabrics, fabrics dyeing and products sewing, that makes it independent. Having high-quality equipment and professionalism of the labor collective the company ensures high quality products. For more than 19 years of its activity, the technical base has been periodically updated and improved.


Types of machine embroidery: With the development of computer technology and design, computer machine embroidery has come into our life, that has opened up breathtaking opportunities for creating chic and most unexpected things. This miracle was made possible thanks to the turns of design imagination, creating unique sketches, and the corresponding software, for which it is already worth saying thanks to IT developers. Even fully automatic embroidery became possible! What can we say about the rest...? Such embroidery has many types and features.

OJK "Qayriqum carpets"

For many years since the revival of the carpet industry, carpet manufacturers are united in the Association " CIS Carpets", which in 1998 by the Resolution of the Constituent Assembly was transformed into the Transnational Corporation " CIS Carpets ", which is presently transformed into a Non-commercial Partnership the International Integration Carpet Syndicate, which is meant for jointly solution of emerging problems of the industry...

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